A Letter for an Uncomfortable Migrant.

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Dear Britain,

If there’s one thing moving from a village in Nigeria to one of the English home counties has taught me, its that being black, isn’t easy. Only after arriving in Britain, did I begin to feel like I had to always on guard, trying to prove myself. More than any other group of men in Western society, black males are portrayed as animals, brutes, criminal, natural rapists, murderers and intellectually inferior.

Britain seems to pride itself on being tolerant. I thought I’d misunderstood this word, as I always thought you only tolerated something you didn’t like. Turns out I was right, the English are proud to say they put up with things they don’t like. Given that British society built on the racist sexist white supremacy, words like tolerant are, at best, condescending. The British also claim to embrace diversity, but thee way they go about it is also, to me, quite baffling. The only way I think I can describe it, as an obsession with racist compliments. I get them all the time, and its difficult to know how to react. In Swansea, a few years ago, I was hanging out with my new friends in a pub. I sat facing the TV over the bar.  A middle age woman, leaned over my shoulder and said to me, ‘I am gonna show you something on my phone, and you tell me if you are like that..?’ I said ‘ok’. While still leaning over my shoulder, she passed her hand over my head and put her phone in front of my sight. She showed me a picture of dark-skinned man, sitting naked by the edge of a bed displaying his, very large, penis. She then said ‘are you as hung like this my dear?’ This woman apparently wanted to get to know me. I turned around stared through her scornfully before leaving the bar. I decided not to challenge her, as an argument between a white woman and a black man relating to sex (particularly in somewhere like Swansea), was hardly going to end well for me.

This is by no means an isolated incident. Racist perceptions of black people, through sexualisation of our bodies, especially that of a black male masculinity, is consistently  projected as hypersexual. The trend which is increasingly unfolding is the ludicrous use of racist sexist white supremacist ‘compliments’ by white women to describe their admiration for black males, seems to be everywhere. In fact, one of the few ‘positive’ images that black people are afforded in Britain, in my experience as a black male, is the depiction of us as a superb sexually gratifying object. Recently, in the first week of this year, a Facebook friend, wrote on her wall ‘I love big black cocks’. I was dazed. I had to reply to her, ‘So you like a black fellow because he has a massive dick not because he has a beautiful soul and he is as equally human as you are?’. I decided remove her from my friends rather than waiting for a response.

In order to understand the roots of this issue, I had to delve into the history of Europe’s relationship with Africans. For a nation which prides itself on its education (the reason I first migrated here), you seem to be very uncomfortable with huge portions of your own history. On one hand, the act of the rape of black women were condoned and was seen as legitimate in the eyes of the wives of the white supremacist patriarchal slave masters as a way of taming and breaking the so called ‘wild African women’. On the other hand, the black male body, deemed demonic in the eyes of white racist sexist stereotypes, was in the world of segregated black culture deemed erotic, sensual, capable of giving and receiving pleasure. Bell hooks argues that, “the end of slavery and abject subjugation in the immediate post-slavery years freed the black body from its containment within the scope of white racialized sexual fantasy[…]”.  However,  the black males, deemed hypersexual in the eyes of whites, were confined to a black in the sub-culture deemed sexually unhealthy. Living in a culture that eroticized domination and subordination, free black males and females worked to construct habits of being and lifestyles compatible with their unique experiences. The formation of segregated communities, which removed the black body from the white pornographic gaze, opened up a space of sexual possibility. Only reading about how white Europeans have engaged with the African body over the past few centuries, have I begun to truly understand why black men such as myself, are treated the way we are.

In the late Toni Morrison’s novel Sula, she captured that impression of a female on black male hyper-sexuality. She implies that her audience of non-black males and females looking through the lens of their envy onto the black male sexual masculinity. In the novel a black woman is chastising a black man for suggesting that he is not getting enough attention:  “I mean, I don’t know what the fuss is about. I mean, everything in the world loves you. White men love you. They spend so much time worrying about your penis they forget their own…[Sic], And white women? They chase you all to every corner of the earth, feel for you under every bed. Colored women worry themselves into bad health just trying to hang on to your cuffs. Even little children–white…[Sic], boys and girls–spend all their childhood eating their hearts out `cause they think you don’t love them… [Sic], it looks to me like you the envy of the world.”

Though seductive in its use of the word love, close analysis shows that what is really being described is not love but desire. Perhaps what complaining black males want the world to hear is that envy and desire are not aspects of love. In the context of the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchal system, black males may be hypermasculine, hypersexual, erotic, or feared, but they are certainly not loved

Coming to Britain, I’ve realised that black people don’t have the racial superiority issues which plague the white psyche. The real problem that we black people have, since the creation of racial categories in the 15th century, at the time when the black slaves became primary source of wealth for white supremacist, is imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. The sexualisation of black body, especially, that of enslaved black women, who were toyed with as objects of sexual gratification for the white supremacist patriarchs.

Black children, particularly those born in the UK, are effectively indoctrinated through their history lessons at school, which did not underscores any good reference to the Moors (meaning blacks) who inhabited parts of the UK. Interestingly, each time discourses like these occur, your western scholars tend to underplay their significance, or better yet, dismiss  them as enslaved people brought her with little agency, or intellect. But now, valid evidence buried with the past are now beginning to reveal themselves from the dead memory such as the wealthy black woman whose thumb was accidental discovered called Ivory Bangle Lady of Yorkshire. According to the BBC in 2010, her grave dates back to the second half of the 4th Century. She was buried with items including jet and elephant ivory bracelets, earrings, beads and a blue glass jug artefacts that worth millions in the present day. Also the ancient Irish who derived their name from Scota. The depiction in a 15th-century manuscript of the Scotichronicon by Walter Bower and the Book of Leinster, claimed that she was an ancient Egyptian princess, which subsequently, in the 3rd century, Caledonia was named after her, hence Scotland, by the tribal invading forces.  Another astonishing facts, is the construction of the Stonehenge. The Roman historian named Tacitus Publius Cornelius, depicted in his book the Works of Tacitus, that the druids were gloomy sea giants who brought their skills from Africa via Spain. The original Celtic priesthood were Blacks with  “…dark complexion and unusually curly hair”. Also Gerald Massey discussed in his book ‘A Book of Beginnings’ about the Egyptian origins of the British Isles. He argued that Stonehenge, the most famous ancient monument in England, was built by a Negro architect, named Morien. [That or Moor, form the ancient Egyptian]. All these emerging facts, here in the UK, now testify themselves to ongoing suppression of factual historical information and mis-education of young people and adult alike, at school.

Definition of Black and White

Moving to Britain, I also realised that growing up in Nigeria, I wasn’t really aware that I was black. In fact, no one in African ever knew they were ‘black’, until Europeans arrived and told them as such. Take quick look in the English dictionary for the definition of the colour ‘black’, it does not seem to have anything good to say in our defence. ‘Black’ means, ‘the opposite of white’; ‘very evil or wicked: my soul is steeped in the blackest sin’; ‘dark in colour as distinguished from a lighter variety’; ‘characterized by tragic or disastrous events’; ‘causing despair or pessimism’; ‘black comedy’ or ‘black humour: presenting tragic or harrowing situations in comic terms’; ‘full of anger or hatred’; ‘black market: illegal’. You check out the definition of White;  it clearly says the ‘opposite of black’; ‘Pure: free from blemish’; and ‘colour of an angel’; ‘white man’s burden: the task believed by white colonizers to be incumbent upon them, of imposing Western civilization on the black inhabitants of European colonies’; ‘whiter than white: morally beyond reproach’. An interesting contrast, but hey, perhaps its just an unfortunate coincidence.

Triumph of the melanin

Science is said to tell the truth because it is based on inferences drawn from experimentation, test and observation. However, biology we were thought and still thought at schools in the UK, on the other hand, is highly censored and materials mis-education to corrupt the young minds with inferiority and superiority complexes orchestrated by Western scholars and policy makers. The issues of around pure race or superior or inferior race, is extremely ludicrous, especially when you look at the chemistry of the melanin presences in the pineal gland that situated around the thalamus of our brains in the formation of variation in skin colours, facial phenotype and hair follicle which determines texture, length, shortness, woolly, curly or  straightness of hair.

The pineal gland also called the “third eye” was initially believed to be a “vestigial remnant” of a larger organ. It is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. The pineal gland contains melanin, which is a ubiquitous natural pigment found in most organisms. In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of skin colour. It is also found in hair, the pigmented tissue underlying the iris of the eye, and the stria vascularis of the inner ear.   Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked into a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. The pineal gland responds to light through our eyes and skin which is then fed to our brains that then activates our melanin. Melanin is a biological agent that protects black and white people from the harshness of our evolving climatic environment and universe.

As black people, our melanin activation enable us to survive the hot sunshine of Africa by  modifying our hair follicle into ribbon like shape to make black people’s hair curly. Our hair needs to be short to keep the Central Nervous System (CNS) at the back of our neck ventilated. Our skin pigment cell, secretes enough Vitamin E to protect our skin from extremely hot season. Our noses get flatter and  nostrils get wide to allow more air into our lungs to cool our brain.

The human exodus out of Africa, however, were caught up in the Europe ice-age  and were faced with freezing brutal weather. Nevertheless, the melanin in their skin kicked in, so that you may survive the ice age. The white person’s melanin in their skin pigment cell, secretes less vitamin E, creating the appearance of lighter skin. This process allows white people to pocket the little sunlight which penetrates their skin, nourishing them with the much needed vitamin D as there was not enough sunlight in the ice-age to produce the much  needed calcium to sustain their bones. White people’s hair follicles, phenotypes of nostril and eyes cells transmogrified. Hair follicle modified in reverse into straw like shape which made your hair stretched longer. Not as a result of fashion but to protect your CNS at the back of your neck from the freezing weather. Likewise, your noses became narrower and nostrils thinner which allows less air in to the lungs which you would not need to cool the brain because the freezing climatic condition.

Racism on the Big Screen

Earlier this year, I saw Noah the movie in the cinema. One of the main lines repeated over and over again by the white Noah and his white co-stars, in the movie was ‘God create Man in His own image’. It was ludicrous and premature because producer and director went out of their way to make strategic and systemic effort to cast among the stars no single black or brown looking person in the movie, not even among the extras in the background of the scenes. Firstly, the meaning I deduced from their portrayal was that, there were no black or brown looking people in the old testament. Secondly, this implies, that if Noah is white and God created him in his image, invariably, God is white, so therefore, the white race must be the chosen one. So, with no exception, the white race is superior to all others.

This is nothing but a casual white supremacist political statement, in Computer Generated Images (CGI). The insecurity of Europeans, and their overbearing patriarchal white supremacist superiority complex, never ceases to amaze. Currently, the religiously white supremacist had succeeded in convincing millions of black and brown brothers and sisters, mostly in former colonies, that the reason they are black is because their ancestors made covenant with the devil. Unsurprisingly, they have also been taught that Jesus, their Lord and Saviour, is white. The predictable consequence of this is that black and brown people look at the white person as a savour figure in the world. Christ, painted white by Europeans, encourages the brain, which is an associating organism and stores memories as an image, to relate white Jesus to white people, so as white Jesus is God, so white people are the god of humanity. As a black person, it is difficult to pray to white Jesus without feeling inferior to whites. From an imperialist stand point, it is easy to oppress a people whom image of God did not look like them. However, when God and the oppressor look the same, the oppressed would easily concurred that their oppression is therefore, ordained by God on them.

In every, western cathedral particularly in Vatican, there are a carven of black Madonna and child, which supposed to be Mary and Jesus. Even Santa Claus, which is the figure of Christmas, was fashioned after St. Nicholas. The further back you go looking at St. Nicholas portrait, the blacker St. Nicholas in the different painting of him. Old painting of Jesus were black or brown looking. Again they are available in the behind close door in cathedral but in the open in Ethiopian churches which pre-dated Council of Nicea, which was held in 325 AD at ancient Egypt, Kemet. It was then, Constantine, along other bishop, decided that Jesus would be white and that Christian would pray to God the father, the son and the holy spirit (trinity) which was fiercely disputed by Arius ( Blacks Who died for Jesus). I will argue further, that this is about the question, ‘Who will survive the world, would it be black, brown or white?’ particularly, with the occurring climate change precipitated by human and the current geo-engeering (Chem trails) method the West has adopted to fix the planet by spraying genetically altering chemicals, like barium, aluminium etc, in to the atmosphere. I strongly believe this is about genetic annihilation and survivor (Georgia guide stone).

Institutional Subtle Racism and Inequality.

I struggle to understand why British educational curriculum still contains books like ‘Of men and mice’ as one of the selected core reading materials. In lieu of encouraging young people to stand up tall with self-esteem to embrace the racial, disability, sex and gender differences among their school mates, but it rather promotes inferiority complexes, by keeping their head down.

A trip down to the parliament square, Mandela, after being paraded as terrorist, he was at last accepted as an equal human, full of wisdom and capable of morality equivalent to white men, therefore, he was erected on a pedestal. But when you take a step back and look at the white icons placed on the pedestal, Mandela’s statue was not on the same pedestal with them. Call it a frivolous claim, I think it a subtle insult. We, back in Africa, named institutions, schools, streets, buildings and places after the British Queen/King, US president and other icons that were so said discovered place in Africa. I think if Mandela is honoured as he should be, he should be honoured as equal human who has saved South Africa from a racial catastrophe.

Love delimited?

Ahhh, love. That thing called love. What does it even mean to fall in love? You English certainly seem to sing about it a lot. And your films all seem to end in some kind of romance. I suppose, it is a natural experience. Unless it contradicts the interests of white supremacy of course. The British authorities are expected to make it possible for couples to marry, if they chose to get married as way of advancing their love. Immigration guidelines emphasize integration of foreigners into society, by embracing into British culture. Unfortunately, when a migrant falls in love with a British citizen, the couples are emotionally and psychologically penalised for integrating. Under the coalition government and through UKBA families were torn up, especially interracial families. When people from different racial background genuinely fall in love and desire to take their relationship further, UKBA financial requirements for the couples to meet, mostly for low income earners, is unattainable and very draconian with an exorbitant threshold of financial earnings required. For a British spouse to get married to a foreigner they must have a minimum of £18,600 saved in their account. These rules could be interpreted as portrayal of interracial partnership unnatural, so therefore couples must be prevented.

I cannot see how the circumstances of most of these interracial families torn apart by UKBA rules are different from the situation surrounding Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage.  The Queen, like any other British citizen fell in love with a foreigner, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, who sought asylum in the UK after the Greco -Turkish war between 1919 to 1922 tore his family apart.  At first the Queen’s father, King George VI disapproved of their courtship, but when his uncle Louis Francis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, intermediated between the families, the King later made the conditions that the Prince must become British, and he did. Like any other migrant spouse, the Prince was an economical viable migrant. He served in the Royal Navy in the 1930s and served in the First World War. He gave up his passport and right to the throne in Greece for love in Britain. So why is it being made an institutional taboo for any of Her Majesty’s subjects who fall in love with a foreigner? Well, we all know the reasons. But food for thought nonetheless.


Analogically, racism is by extension, characterised by slavery, except that the physical shackles and ‘incessant wiping’ were replaced with ‘mental shackles’ and ‘social deprivation’, idiomatically, ‘glass ceiling’. Stereotyped via racism and sexism as being more body than mind, black males are far more likely to be affirmed in imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy for appearing to be dumb or, appearing to be slow. Black men have had no real dramatic say when it comes to the way they are represented. They have made few interventions on the stereotype. As a consequence they are victimized by stereotypes that were first articulated in the nineteenth century but hold sway over the minds and imaginations of citizens of this nation in the present day.

You could argued that black male are to be blame because they flaunt their sexual masculinity around the sexually active white female seeking sexual pleasure to attract them. Or the black female, twerk their rotund butt and jiggle their breast because they are well endowed .The fact is blacks, both  females and males entered the twentieth century with very few changes in their public status as subordinates in imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy, yet the most radical change happened in private, in the realm of the black body and its sexual politics. In the iconography of black male sexuality, compulsive obsessive fucking is represented as a form of power when in actuality it is an indication of extreme powerlessness. Though sexual myths project the image of the black male “pussy bandit,” the “player” as the erotic hero leading this life of endless pleasure, behind the mask is the reality of suffering.

I will infer my conclusion from Bell Hooks argument that, negative stereotypes about the nature of black masculinity continue to over determined the identities black males are allowed to fashion for themselves. Black males in the culture of imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy are feared but they are not loved. Of course part of the brainwashing that takes place in a culture of domination is the confusion of the two. Thriving on sadomasochist bonds, cultures of domination make desire for that which is despised take on the appearance of care, of love. If black males were loved they could hope for more than a life locked down, caged, confined; they could imagine themselves beyond containment. Whether in an actual prison or not, practically every black male has been forced at some point in his life to hold back the self he wants to express, to repress and contain for fear of being attacked, slaughtered, destroyed. Black males often exist in a prison of the mind unable to find their way out. When race and class enter the picture, along with patriarchy, then black males endure the worst impositions of gendered masculine patriarchal identity.

Young people are continued to be blanked out with information about the contributions of black ancestors, either in the UK before slavery, in the slave plantation or in ancient Africa, made through their anthropological invention are systemically water down over many centuries, through the education system. And when they are back from school, they receive another dose from the media that implies everything about them, who they are and where they came from, is wrong and both illegal and immoral. Now tell me how such children would develop a strong self-esteem and confidence, when almost every human that looks like them are portray as lesser human, with criminal role models.

The triumph of Melanin of race make white supremacist and eugenicist very and simply stupid. I think that is why western scholars are very happy to quickly blame Hitler for mystification of ‘pure race’ while they are trying very hard to suffocate the actually current debate around all forms of white supremacy or superiority complexes by sweeping under carpet to cover their lies. In fact, if not for melanin, there would not had been white people called, Europeans. Certainly, Melanin-production in biological system does not have anything to do with superiority or inferiority in human being that inhabited any given geographical location. If the melanin that comes from each and every one of our pineal gland testify to the absurdity of using of race as tools of social cataloguing, undoubtedly proves that there is only one race, and that is human race, why weren’t young people thought at school about it to harmonize the humanity?

You know what, despite the ordeal from tribulation of socio-economic deprivation and frustration of stiffened opportunities, black people still dare smile and take the adversities turn it around and come out with success. And that, my friends, is power of a rare gift. But that does not justify glass ceiling!


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