My Response to University of Sussex response to the Demands of Home Office Off Campus Occupation of Bramber House.


I have been meaning to respond to the University of Sussex response to the students demand regarding my health, immigration, PREVENT and International Student Licensing yesterday but Facebook blocked my account due to an argument that broke out that was directed at migrant and refugees and I called out the antagonism against migrants and refugees, racist and white superiority complex. But I got punished by facebook for it. I cannot answer all individual question please follow my time line, Home Office Off Campus and Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi facebook Pages and the website.

Thank you very much for all that has participated in the occupation/demo on scene and behind the scenes! you are all my SUPER FANTASTIC and MY PERSONAL HEROES!

While I am ok with the demands put forward to the university and the response to the university statement made by students on behalf of the campaign Home Office Off Campus.Which I am indebtedly grateful to for the clear headedness, cleverness and robustly articulated critique of the university statement and challenging the university to readdress and review its own position on the Tory government/ Home Office PREVENT and International Students and Staff Licensing.

However, I am worried that no concrete constructive demand was put to our local Union, the University of Sussex Students’ Union (USSU) for its systemic representative failure of the Non EU International Student at the Union level and the university level.

For me it is no point making a demand to the university, where as the USSU which is supposed to be a fighting Union by holding the university accountable for its lack of support for non eu international students and to protect these students both Home Students that are rising up to demand the right for Non EU International students, should they get in to trouble doing so, as well as non EU international students whose rights that had consistently and systemically been swept under the institutional carpet and trampled upon and leaving the Non EU International students disenfranchised and disillusioned in seeking help when experiencing academic, social, mental, economic and personal crises or even participating in the USSU.

The reason why the university was able to dodge the question as regards making a public position on where they stand or even challenge the human rights legality of PREVENT in free academic spaces and the International Students and Staff Recruitment Licencing (as if we are cattle or chattel slaves) in their statement is because we have no fighting USSU which strength has been curtailed and damped during Wes Streeting (now a MP)  , the former NUS president 2008/10 reforms of local student union, by making the our Union unaccountable and setting up unelected Board of Trustees and charity clause of the USSU. The university knows that we have no definitive USSU and cross country Students’ Union and NUS full MIGHT behind us, yet because the USSU is broken and lack fighting spirit.

Even if the university agrees to talk about PREVENT and International Student and Staff Licensing, as soon as the momentum dissipate, USSU will go back to its bureaucratic business as usual mode.

I don t know want my case to be simply resolved but consequentially, making it even more difficult for Non EU International students and Home Students to unite and to rise up and speak out because the universities will seek more law to tighten the loophole that has allow us so far to maintain the uprising momentum and campaign. Because the Sussex university will do every thing in its power to protect cash cowing profit making of Non EU International students.

Please I beg you fellow Sussex students and UK non EU international and Home students, women, LGBTQI+ Black Students, Mature Students lets use this chance to put demands or ‘MOTIONS’ to our local unions eg USSU to transform its sleepy headed systemic law to tackle the systemic under representation of Non EU International, PREVENT, International Student Licensing like a chattel cattle and slaves for profit and to put back the fight spirit in the heart of the local Unions, NUS and specially USSU. Also I will urges us to link with students Union across the country doing sometime similar campaign and building similar momentum that the students at Sussex and Brighton universities are doing to speak against PREVENT and international student licensing to unite and we can take the fight to the NUS who past leaders bastardised our local unions with the Wes Streeting MP neo libral reforms of local unions.

University of Sussex most resume and re take its place as a radical university as it embarks on ‘Making the Future: 2018’ agenda to internationalise education, as its founding pioneers has set Sussex up to be to resist UK state and Commonwealth states violences in academic free space. While the USSU most continue and must re take its rightful place as fighting internationalised union against global suppression and oppression and violence of UK neo liberal state and it CommonWealth apparatuses to clamour for global justice.
Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta.

stand up to racism

Please sign and share this parliamentary petition. We need to collect 10,000 signature to compel government to discuss it at the House of Common. This will open the debate on the national level of the the human right legality of PREVENT invasion of academic free spaces and International Non EU Students recruitment Licensing like chattel cattel and slaves:

Luqman Ripp Em Onikosi


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