Chapter fifty five: Man of Constant Woes.

Written by Luqman T. Onikosi.

black face


Ar – Rahman!

So it is fixed.

My Fate had written.

The Pen had been raised,

And the ink had long dried,

Way before I was born.

Intertwined with the Pocket of Sunshine,

Trapped up in the microscopic genetic structures,

In the nucleus in the cells of every grains,

To the fruit that my mother ate,

When I was being synthesized,

In micro cosmos of my place of rest in the Uterus,

Are all Cooked up in the catering’s labs,

Of mother-nature photosynthesis.

From that pocket of sunshine,

That catalyzes Amino acids into calories of energy,

Dissolves these Amino acids,

Into the molecular structures in my mother’s blood.

Building blocks of protein and metabolism,

That runs through my mother blood veins,

Spouting out into her ovarian arteries

To nourish her ovaries.


Mother Nature was not done with me.

My destiny,

To be or not be!

To be me,

Intertwined with pheromones,

That kicked off emotional gravitational,

That bore witness to the explosion,

Of the force of attractions,

Between the mother and the father in their closet.

That ensued pinhead swim of my life,

Among 5 millions of pinheads,

In the finite fallopian tube.

The race of triumph to fertilize the ripened plummy ova,

Blossom into a singular cell,

With strands of 2 pairs of rudimentary DNA,

Each from my dad and mom,

I inter-phased and Mitosisized my parents DNA.

With a blast,

Like the big bang

Into blastocyst,

Gently carried to safety,

By the velvet conveyor belt of the cilia.
On the 7th day,

I arrived deep inside,

The confines of the micro cosmos of the womb,

As I rooted into the wall of my mother’s womb,

To protect me from the Nano molecular asteroids and dust.

By divine ordnance,

My mother and I fates,

Through the umbilical cord,

Symbiotically becomes 1.


Life in the Micro Cosmos: The Placenta.

Time to welcome my other half,

My all given lifeline and protectons,

Sole purpose to keep me alive,

Inseparable two of us till birth,

Where the one without soul,

Will not survive.

Inside my placenta,

Firmly fixed in my shock proof place of rest,

My foetus network of very fine blood vessel reaches deep,

Into my mother blood supply,

Like the root of the tree,

Sucks nutrients from the soils.

The placenta extracts everything I need,

From my mother’s blood,

From water, oxygen, food

And passes it to my blood streams.

So it reverse the process,

To extract waste from my body.

By divine ordnance of all things,

In the outside of macro cosmos,

To the inside of my little micro cosmos,

Through my mother blood stream,

For All I need to grow,

Are all synced by the Higher Power.


Tick Tuck: The Countdown to Life.

Countdown to the last second of my first 120 days,

The 22th day of my first 40 days,

A trip in a cell in my foetus,

Spontaneously to constringe,

The first beat that kicked off,

A set of chain reaction that set off all my Heart cells,

In my mother’s belly.


Tick tuck,

Has put,

Tick tuck,

A key,

Tick tuck,

In me,

Tick tuck,

And so,

Tick tuck,

My life,

Tick tuck,

Has just begun

Tick tuck,

How long,

Will this,

Tick tuck,

Go on,

Tick tuck,


Tick tuck.


Nature meets Nurture!


In the micro cosmos,

In the womb,

I became a clot of thick blood in second 40 days,

Then a piece of flesh for another 40 days.

Allah sends an angel to me in my place of rest,

Who is ordered to encode 4 things?

In my biological and spiritual DNA;

My deeds,

My livelihood,

My date of death,

Whether I will be blessed or wretched.

I was very luck,

That my 120 days’ journey,

Into my mother’s womb,

Started in August of the previous year.

A prime time for harvest,

Of pocket of sunshine that has catalyzed into energy

In the likes of fruits, grains and vegetables.

The bumper harvest,

My dad nurtured my mom with,

Dissolved into the molecular structures,

In to amino acids,

In my mother’s blood,

The building blocks of protein and metabolism properties,

That runs through my mother blood veins and arteries,

Spouting out into her umbilical cord.

To sustained me.

This day,

Of the 120th day,

I became a newly,

Mutated living human being.

Harmonious mutation of the very best of my mum and dad’s

Rich biological, socio cultural and spiritual genes,

Locked in my DNA.


Battle for Miracles.   

So hear me out!

Romanticize not my Woes,

Nor do I moon about my destiny.

Miracles don’t drop on wo/man’s lap from sky,

By mere make-believe in destiny.

Miracles must be hard won,

And fought for tooth and nails,

By all means humanly possible,

That one can naturally muster.

Yet it would be arrogant, egotistical,

Undignifying and unhumbling,

To dedicate miracles to mere,

One’s hard work, luck or intelligence,

Without acknowledging Providence,

And Devine interventions.


Dark Energy.

Like the scientists,

Unable to see nor measure,

Even evaluate the vacuum force,

Of the elusive Dark Energy

In the ‘expanding’ cosmology.

The strange entity,

That make up most mass-energy density of the universe.

Dark Energy mysteriously bends,

Folds the fabric of the space,

Smash the matters against each other,

Crushes a star till it implode in itself

Rip it apart

Spit Super Nova fiery laser rays,

Outward on both sides across the Milky Way,

Then flushes every matter to subatomic particles that gravitate towards,

Down the vanishing limitless spatial drain of the Black hole.

And yet, the scientists acknowledge Dark Energy

So is Devine interventions.


Will Power.

Al- Qadir!

The Power that willed everything,

The heavens,

The earth

And all that is between them.

The Predestination,

Had been willed.

Now unchangeable.

But must be virtually exploited.

How do you exploit a bombardments of flares of hell molten fire?

Or the Encroaching walled up deep tundra of heaven height,

As close to one as the jugular veins?


That burn and freeze,

At the convulsing rate,

Of the nuclear fusion power of the sun,

That fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen every second.


The Beginning of the End.

The Beginning,

Was Unknown,

The End is Set,

Yet Unknown,

There was a beginning,

But not timed,

Singular and Still.

At Beginning,

When there was No Beginning,

When the ticking of Time is absolutely still,

When the Stillness of the tick-tucks was Deafening Silent.

When the unbounded Space was Infinitely Nothing and Pitch Dark.

Where the Subatomic quantum realm nanoparticles; protons, neutrons, and electrons are

crushed in to a Singularity of Stillness.

Sinking Energy Absorbing Solemn Whisper,

Unsolicited, Yet Ordained.

Unanticipated, Yet Absolute Prompt,

Unmethodical, Yet Absolutely Precise

Echoed Supreme Order.




The infinite density,

Of once crushed Singularity of Stillness in Time,

Where all the laws of physics had broken down.

Ruptured apart,

With a Spontaneous Supreme Big Bang,

That tore across the once crushed,

The Singularity mushroomed,

Into rose like paint,

Spilled out cataclysmic Gamma-rays,

Of unmeasurable nuclear proportions,

Yet no subatomic nanoparticle in this chaos is left to chance.


Ordering of the Celestial.

In an heartbeat,

Time ticked and tucked ever since.

The chaotic order,

Rumbles into wider Space,

Out and Out

Expanding into Deeper Universe,

As Space-time collapsed,

Into a single interwoven continuum.

Our Galaxy,

Our Stars,

Our Moon,

Our Sun,

Our Solar System

Our Planet,

The Mighty Ranging Mountains,

The tributaries of the river gorges,

The confluence of the smashing of Seas into Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,

Yet they do not mix into each other.

From the Mesozoic Era or Permian, Triassic to the enormous Jurassic creatures,

All subatomic matter and energy combined,

Constitute tiny speck of dot in the Universe.


The Alignment of the Cosmology.

Made from a spinning thick smoke of dust and cloud of gas,

From the ruptured of Singularity.

As it form,

Solar system borrowed from the early spin.

Never transgress its balance,

Maintain the weights with justice,

And do not violate the balance,

Moving in Space-time,

According to Supreme plan.

Yet societies of jinn and humans!

If you can pass through the bounds of the heavens and the earth, go ahead and pass. But

you will not pass except with authorization.

On the earth,

I am creature,

None of jinn,

Created from a fusion of fire.

But Among Bio-created from hard clay,

Brick by Brick.

And to clay I return.


Bombardment of flares of fire and brass.

At the dawn,

The countdown to my making,

Extraordinary journey of Me that begin in the closet,

The sown between predestined man and woman,

Barely 7 days old,

My first Woe in life,

Befell me in this so sinful material world.

On the same day that I was ritualized in to this world,

And my name was prayed into my ears,

Carried deep down into the core of my vital force of my Oriki – Paean,

Encoded in DNA of my psyche.

Hissed into the belly of the blazing hell,

By shapeshifting serpent,

Eyes made of intensely hypothesizing rubies and coral,

Cloaked into a child cot.

Battled my way back into this hardened sinful world,

On full red spiritual alert ever on,

Supplicates the remote viewing psychic power,

Of the shapeshifting serpent,

Far in the deep core of the blazing hell,

Unlearned and lose my Oriki,

On the tip of shapeshifting serpent hissing fangs.

As the day becomes the night,
And the cock crocks at dawn,
The Fajr lifts up the curtain of the night
At the horizon,
Where the skyline meets the sea,
As the clock strikes hard,
Sets in motion the cosmology circle,
Aligns it with constellation of the stars,
And the ambition of a Child,
Wild as kissing the King Cobra,
Between its two fangs,
So the young Brave heart,
Rolls her/his canoe asea,
Looking for the diamond,
In the bottomless abyss,
Of the Deep Blue sea.

The soul is destined swim against the torrent of the raging sea,

To live the dreams,

For all his people who never made.

His siblings,

Whose lives were taken at young ages.


Burden by the innocence.

Of Old covenant made,

Opportunity comes in many hard and pleasant disguises,

Even when you walk,

And twist your knee,

And seems like your feet couldn’t take you to the finish line,

And you are drowning before the ocean deluge of life even drag you in.

Compelled to question your purpose,

While your life flash you by,

As you drown to the bottom.

You can feel the optic cord of the eyes,

Wired to my brain snapped,

Shuttered from the cosmos light energy,

Your brain resist,

The Gravitating moon and stars,

And the Raying Sun.

Mo’juba Ori mi – I give reverence to my Head,

Mo’juba Ara – I give reverence to my Body,

Eleda mi ma sun –  My Soul don’t Forsake me.

Mo’juba Ori Inu, Akose-jaye – I give reverence to the chakra on my forehead.

The Third Eyes that resides in Pineal Gland,.

The bearer of Destiny.

The epic centre of the animating synergy that drive my body, spirit and soul.

The transponder of the aureole,

The bearer of destiny!

The essence of human personality.

The supernatural element that rules and guides my path in life.

Feet, Don’t Fail me now!

Ese mi, My leg,

The symbol of my power,

My strife, hard work and struggle through life.

The carries my whole body,

And its potentialities,

Encapsulated in my ‘ori inu’ – my destiny.

Mysterious energy element,

Buried deep in my preternatural realm.

Embattles my Soul,

In a Predestined battle,

Against the metaphysics and earthly antagonism.

My freewill,

Intoxicates my till stupor,

Strayed me,

From the path of the Ar-Rhaman,

That was ordained.


Blood in my Eyes, Anger in my Soul.

Blinded me to my adversaries and adversities,

Rendered my wisdom short sighted

To my self-inflicted woes,

That had befallen me.

My Determination,

Crippled by Antagonism.

My Sacrifices,

Dented with Detriments.

My Love,

Now submerged me in Hate.

My Hope,

Desolated me with Despair

My Elation,

Dealt with devastating Depression.

Oh my Delight,

Now Benumbed by Distasteful Disgust.

My Happiness,

Walked out on me.

Left me with harrowing Sorrow.

My Great Enthusiasm,

Flooded out by Apathy


Reeling in a faceless Anguish,

Of confliction in my existential.

I drilled deep down

To mine my Seven Chakras.


Its taking me so long,

I am lost my way,

In the alternating corridors,

Through my soul to finding myself.

Oh Ar- Rahman!

How do I define myself now?

What is me vs. what is mine?

Do I define myself by how I feel?

By my action?

By the number of people who love me?

Perhaps with what I have?


The antipathies repel the empathies.

Define myself by my contradiction,

Grind on my antagonism into dust

And walk on.

That’s me.


Tibi Tire, Yin Yang of all Fate.




Seek Knowledge,

Inspired by that,

Whom taught by the pen,

Of what I know and know not.

Tibi Tire,

Yin Yang,

Negative + Positive Synergies,

The Two Opposing Forces,

But complimentary forces,

That hold suspension of the universe,

In delicate balance.

It’s all coming back to me now,

Like yesterday,

I was there.

Created in stages,

Inside the bodies of the mothers,

Through Fallopian tube in the cervix,

Comes streaming,

The 350,000,000 spermatozoa,

The first turbulent survival of the fittest swim,

And the Countdown to my creation begins!

In the very inner small world,

In the mothers’ womb,

A Fertilisation with the ovule.

For Forty days and Forty Nights,

From clot of thick blood,

To chewed lump,

Then I cling to the wall of my Mother,

My first affinity to my Mother.

Rested in the comfy,

Nurturing atmosphere of the womb,

For an appointed term.

For another forty days

Clothed the bones with intact flesh.


Iba! The Reverence.

Iba Olodumare Oba a te rere ‘k’ aye – Reverence to God that spreads all over the universe.

Iba ati yo ojo – Reverence to the rising sun/dawn of the day.

Mo se iba  ati wo oorun – Reverence to sunset.

Mo’Juba ile ogeere a f’ oko ye ri – Reverence to Mother Earth.

Iba Oludumare, ala gbeduro Orun Ojukotun – Reverence to the powers of God, the celestial Pillar that buttress the universe on the Right hand side of God.

Iba Oludumare, ala gbeduro Orun Ojukosi – Reverence to the powers of God, the celestial Pillar that buttress the universe on the Left hand side of God.

Iba ase awon angeli Oludumare- Reverence to Angels of God – The higher beings.

Iba Adamo akoda – Reverence to Adam, the first Creature.

Iba ase akoda obirin, Efa – ye agba ye – Reverence to the first created Woman, Eve. Mother of the peoples of the world.

Mojuba eggun-gun ile e eleri e mi – Reverence to the spirits of the souls in lineage house and that of my soul.

Mojuba Ba mi – reverence to my Father

Mojuba Ye mi – reverence to my Mother.

Mojuba Baba tobi Ba mi at Ye mi – Reverence to my paternal maternal Grand dads.

Mojuba Yeye tobi Ba mi at Ye mi – Reverence to my paternal maternal Grand mums.

Iba ase oluku mi – Reverence to my friends.

M’juba gbogbo oloko, olu to so na – Reverence to All the teachers, the counsellor. .

Iba to’ to’, mojuba! – I give my humble respect!

Ase’ – Amen.



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