The Yams.

Written by Luqman Onikosi.

King Kunte

I have a bone to pick!

Yams its taking it out of me by making my life miserable.

Whats the yams?

The Yams is the ostentatious dietary staple of the Yoruba/Igbo people.

The Yams patriarch measure of the ego a man’s worth and his ability to produce it.

The Yams represents wealth and status, affirming an African’s confident assertion of him/her self.

The Yams is the corruption and manipulation of my emotions with desires.


The Yams is the power that be, the system of organised violence.

The Yams is the trappings of socio economical and political prosperities that conditions my social welfare and the reality of my life experience.

The yam is the ‘conduct of conduct’.

The Yams is the conduct that shape and makes the art of individualizing the state governing of population.

The Yams is the is power that permeate of everyday our lives to self govern ourselves.

The Yams politics of governing, biologically embodied in the ‘self’.

Oh no, I cant understand.

Biopower, I mean. You dig?

The Biopower is the Nation state organised violent, that give you a bio-psychologically sense of freedom but ‘manufactures your consent’.

The Yams is the Biopower that governs the mentality of the citizen.

In a plain word ‘governmentality’.

The ‘governmentality’ is the biopower that messed up the conditions the state of mind of racialized bodies.

The Yams has the Biopower over birth, life and death.

The Yams Bio-power has the sole prerogative to ‘make live and let die’.

The Yams took it out on Richard Pryor.

The Yams made Pryor set himself on fire.

The Yams infect with fear. The Yams drove the king of pop, Michael Jackson, paranoid.

The Yams is the king hegemon reproduces itself and took every bit of Kunta Kinta.

The Yams big tidal wave that lure you in for surfing, but wipe you out. The Yams wiped out Wesley Snipe and destroyed Lauren Hill. 

The Yams is the UK immigration system that is taking xenophobic hit out on non European immigrants.

The Yams is the modern commercialized educations system and casualisation of academics that locked the poor people out of education and that certify students not on how critically thinking, inventive or innovative they are but how quick they could pay their fees.

The Yam is the education system, the only way to emancipate from poverty and enhance your independence.

The Yams is the hegemon that  reproduces as commercialization of your education and cash cowed you out of it.

The Yams is biopolitics that turns University of Sussex management to effective boarder guards  of the  academic free space and condition your syllabus.

Fight the Yams, Fight the UK immigration system!

[The ‘Yams’ is credited to Kendrick Lamar]