Africlimate project

africlimate black

What is Afrclimate?
This campaign is underscores the close relationship between Africans and their environment. Africlimate raises awareness about grass roots campaigns on Climate Change in Africa. Also to emphasize the link between energy demand, for domestic and industrial consumptions in the Brighton and Hove area and the UK at large, and energy supply and their effect on environment degradation in Africa.

Africans highly regard their climate and entire environment as the very basis of their efforts to build societies based on sustainable, holistic development; societies that emphasizes the interdependence of all humanity and nature throughout the universe.

Africlimate aims raise awareness about how the demands for goods and services in the UK impacts on the natural resources supply from Africa. To be an advocacy programme for environmental justice involved in consciousness raising activities such as exhibition, events and other mass innovative campaigning endeavours. Our purpose is to reveal the actual plight of the indigenous African people, with particular focus upon the oppression of youth, students and women, and their legitimate resistance in the area of environmental problems which are being aggravated especially by the extraction of mineral resources and/or the planned extraction of resources.

Who is Africlimate for?
The specific focus of Africlimate is upon the education of young people and adults alike and amongst students in the communities about the impact of Climate Change upon Africa and the efforts that African people have made themselves to achieve Pan-African community regeneration for sustainable world development in order to win Global Justice for All.




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